Our Commitment to Environmentally Friendly Dentistry in Lakeview, Chicago

Mercury-Free Fillings — All of our restorative materials are mercury and metal-free, eliminating potential toxins during your necessary dental treatment. The result? Safer restorations and improved aesthetic results. 

Digital Dental Impressions Virtually record 3D models of your teeth without uncomfortable, gooey trays. Digital imaging is more efficient and allows for a smaller carbon footprint. 

Amalgam Separator — Amalgam (metal) fillings contain particles that are best kept out of our natural water supplies. To prevent unwanted materials from reaching the municipal wastewater systems, our office is equipped with an “amalgam separator” which traps mercury filling waste during removal, so that it can be disposed of properly. 

Digital Charts Being a paperless dental practice eliminates unnecessary waste and streamlines the record-keeping process. All patient documents are digitally encrypted and stored according to HIPAA requirements. 

Keeping Lakeview Healthy

Lakeview Dental Arts continually monitors recommendations by the ADA and CDC as they pertain to clinical dental care. We are committed to ensuring that all federal, state and regional guidelines are followed throughout the duration of this crisis and into the future. We look forward to treating you!